Five Stars for a Fellow Author

Because I had the temerity to actually write down my opinion of another writer’s work, I was invited to review the next story in the series. Yes! Here’s what I had to say about it:

Book Title: Blast From the Past
Author: J.E. Fishman
Publishing details: © 2014 by Verbitrage, LLC, Series 5.

Overall: A terrific story! Equivalent to five stars on Amazon.
Synopsis: Kieran Lehane is a NYC Bomb Squad detective with a canine (K-9) partner, a Labrador Retriever named Georgia. Ten years previously, Triangle Airlines Flight 699 was blasted out of the sky by a terrorist bomb, killing the 227 people on board. Now, just days before the ten-year anniversary, Lehane is certain the terrorists will strike again. Lehane is using personal time and resources to conduct what he considers a proper investigation. Trouble is, more than one very powerful person doesn’t want him to find out what really happened…
Story: Terrific! Engaging characters, intriguing story line, unpredictable plot twists, and a nice line in cop banter.
Writing Style: Smooth and polished.
Physical Presentation: I have been told more than once I am too picky when it comes to grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, formatting, editing, and revising. I found nothing in this ebook to pull me out of the story, which I consider the only important criterion when it comes to errors. Everything except the cover (the figure of the man was too old and jaded-looking to be a credible portrayal of the hero), pulled me into the story experience.
My Kind of Read: Right up my alley. Well-balanced, nicely-paced storytelling, great writing, and characters I want to know more about. I highly recommend this book, and impatiently await the next in the series.


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