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Update: My Latest Projects

Dear Reader,

I haven’t forgotten you, honest! The last two months or so has seen me branch out in a few ways. It’s important for me to find the fine line between “just writing” and leaving everything else to the kindness of others, especially Janice, and doing everything myself .

I have three types of projects in the works at the moment. I think I’ve hit my limit in the writing arena:

1. One novel set in the 21st century. A little more than halfway finished. Reading Team invitees picked out, but not cast in concrete, so if you’d like to be a beta reader, let me know via this blog, my Facebook Author Page, or my Google+ Author Page.

2. One novel set in the 10th century. Not too far into this. The characters keep changing their minds about whose story this really is.

3. Freelance writing assignments. This is ghostwriting, pure and simple, but it provides a little cash and allows me to get paid to research and write. I’m learning how to write faster, too. Deadlines, and all that.

I have added a few other activities to the mix. Improving my website. Starting the elements of building an emailing list (MORE research needed!), devouring marketing info.

Pulling my hair out.

Until we meet again…

Warm regards,



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