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Business Plan: Writing Goals Down is SUCH a Revelation!

Dear Reader,

I just learned something. In the course of planning for 2015 I did the math. According to the numbers, I can write the first draft of a book in 81.25 days (65,000 words in a book, 800 good words written in a day). AND I can do it without killing myself with an astronomical daily word count.

I can even slack off for (at least) 8.75 days a quarter and still make deadline. Give it three more months for production (beta readers, cover art, book design, and so forth) and I can publish a book every six months. That’s two books a year.

Before you freak out, these numbers apply only to me. They may be totally wrong for anyone else, whether that be too little or too much. Near as I can figure, though, this represents a decent challenge for me.

What a sobering – and exhilarating! – thought.

So much for excuses.

If somebody had ordered me to write two books a year, my oppositional-defiant-passive-aggressive persona would probably have kicked in and I would have balked at the very notion of doing that. By drilling down to the facts, I found out I don’t have to be a workaholic to get my stories out to you. I do need to be persistent, consistent, and reasonably disciplined in my writing practice. THAT I can do. Mostly because publishing two books a year is more doable than I thought. The fact that it’s my idea doesn’t hurt, either.

Many of us are chased off the idea of starting something because we’re afraid it’s not doable. Maybe, though, just maybe, it’s more realistic than we think. And so what if we don’t finish it in the timeframe we first allotted? Isn’t that what adjustments are for?

Time to jump on the production treadmill. I have a book (actually, lots of books) to write!

Warm regards,




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