“Gotta Wanna” is the REAL Kickstart

Dear Reader,

When 2016 began, I jumped on board the goal-setting resolution-making bandwagon. I really thought thinking through and writing down what I thought I wanted to accomplish this year would get me started. Interest in my project(s) would provide momentum and keep me going.

Nope. It didn’t work out that way.

Some days, I’d beat up on myself. I was lazy, weak, not good enough, not willing to put the time and effort into getting the job done. Every way I could think of to give myself grief, I did.

Other days, I’d go completely in the opposite direction. Not doing anything to get closer to what I thought I wanted was perfectly understandable  because: I had health issues; my child needed me to pay attention to her right now; other things needed my attention more… The list goes on. And on. And on.

Then there were the rationalizations. For instance, I’d tell myself I had to read/see a certain (book, television program, blog post, email, whatever) instead of writing so I could see how this author did it, because I might learn something important. This was the big one.

Then I figured something out about myself. In order to achieve something, I gotta wanna. Over time, this wanting has to be compelling enough to pull me through or over any obstacles that might show up.

So, “gotta wanna” is at the top of my priority list to really understand. Once I get it, I’ll share.

Warmest regards,



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