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More on My Creative Process

Dear Reader,

I have said I would go into more detail on several topics, extravagant promiser that I am. Let’s talk a little more about the creative process.

Let me tell you what creativity is not, for me. Being creative is NOT about waiting for an angel muse to arrive at the perfect time and gently shower the mind with eloquent phrases, imaginative plots, and genius literature. As a matter of fact, my Muse is a 6’5″ Viking who drinks, smokes, swears (sometimes in foreign languages), and insists that I take dictation from him. For me, it works a treat; he tells me wonderful stories. For other folks, my Muse may be a most horrific image that would stifle any word flow whatsoever.

My Muse says, “Shh! Sit.Take this down. Do not interrupt, just write.” I don’t argue, I just do it and stories get born.

The point is, the creative process is unique to each creator, be it writer, artist, musician, dancer, actor, WHATEVER. WHOEVER. But! To be creative, it is critical to be in a mental and emotional space where you can even recognize your creativity.

Everyone is creative. How creative is a matter of degree. Does this creativity need to be expressed at this moment? Yes. How? For me, by being available for my Muse to work through me.

Once I get quiet enough for my Muse to come through, I sit down with laptop, or pen and paper, and let ‘er go. Doesn’t mean every word will go into a story, but my creative juices are flowing, and something new is being birthed (my Muse just got pale; childbirth is NOT his thing!).

We all have a Muse. Perhaps not a Viking who weaves tenth century tales with magic, adventure, and happily-ever-after, but SOMEONE is there, waiting patiently for you to settle down enough to pay attention.

So, settle down and see what happens!



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November 30, 2012 · 4:55 am