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Working on Multiple Projects Needs a Split Brain!?

Dear Reader,

My respect for writers who juggle more than one project of more than one type of writing (fiction, non-fiction, long piece, short piece) has grown considerably in the past week.

I have signed on to three freelance Internet writing sites and am making myself available to write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and nonfiction ebooks for client companies. At the same time, I’m trying to keep up with my novel-writing projects. “Multi-tasking” has taken on a whole new meaning. The mindsets involved in writing short and long pieces are two very different things. Longer pieces allow you to delve into background, explore more complex situations, and provide more detail on whatever subject you’re writing about. Shorter pieces force you to be concise and to the point, even when you’re writing in a conversational style.

Both fiction and nonfiction require research to add to their believability. Fiction research is subtle; it adds, among other things, depth and richness to the story and is more or less in the background. Nonfiction research, on the other hand, is in your face with facts, data, and information that needs to able to be readily verifiable. In fiction, it doesn’t have to be true, but it has to make sense. In nonfiction, it doesn’t have to make sense, but it has to be true. 

I have already learned I have a lot to learn. But that’s a big part of why I love the writing gig. So! I’ll keep writing, learning to multi-task, and re-learning how to write to deadlines. I do hope you’ll keep reading.

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