Teamwork and Balance

Dear Reader,

Yesterday, I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. watching a three-part documentary on the Women’s Movement. Back in the sixties I wasn’t old enough, or action-oriented enough, or savvy enough to participate in the demonstrations, sit-ins, or freedom rides. In my opinion, I have an enormous debt to pay to those who spoke up for women. Because of their determination, I have choices. I don’t take advantage of all of them, but they are there if I ever want to.

To me, though, a crucial element for success in the twenty-first century has yet to be expressed. And, to me, it’s a ‘well, duh’ insight. I’m referring to the interaction between men and women. We need each other. We are equally important to each other. We are different but equal.

Women can do some things men cannot do. Men can do some things women cannot do. As a team we are unbeatable. BUT! Let one member of the team get the idea they are more important, or their ‘side’ is more valuable and the team disappears. This kind of thinking opens the door for oppression, depression, discrimination, resentment, and violence.

What’s so hard about considering the point-of-view of another living thing? Hmmm????? When hearing another person and respecting where she or he is coming from becomes automatic in our dealings with others, we may have a chance at peaceful and prosperous co-existence.

And, yes, I really do think it’s that simple. Not easy, but simple.

Warm regards,



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