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A reboot? Maybe….

Dear Reader,

This kind of wisdom doesn’t appear on our radar every day. In fact, it generates an “I knew that!” response from most folks. My question is, now that you’ve reached this level of awareness, what are you going to do about it? Let me know in the ‘Comments’ section!

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I might not know a lot about you personally (okay, maybe nothing) but there’s one thing I can assume with certainty; you’re a thinker. And as you read my stuff, there’s something else I might assume with a high level of probability (but not certainty); you’re a periodic over-thinker. Or worse; a chronic over-thinker.

Nothing wrong with thinking of course (it kind of helps with that whole ‘living life’ thing), but there comes a point in the cognitive process where healthy thinking morphs into unhealthy (obsessive, destructive, weird, compulsive, anxiety-producing, fear-driven) over-thinking. Bells?

In summary…

Thinking: good.
Over-thinking: shit.

The science of Meta-Cognition is an area which explores the notion of ‘thinking about thinking’, (among other things) which is both fascinating and relevant, but to be able to put it into some kind of practice in the real world and create some kind of a positive outcome on a personal…

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I Do It All Myself…Or Do I?

43,747 words so far on my 21st-century novel. With Halloween only eight days away and NaNoWriMo starting in nine days, the momentum of the year is speeding up big-time. I’m bound and determined to get the manuscript of Ghostly Reunion into the hands of my Reading Team by November 1. I think I need more coffee…


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Five Stars for a Fellow Author

Because I had the temerity to actually write down my opinion of another writer’s work, I was invited to review the next story in the series. Yes! Here’s what I had to say about it:

Book Title: Blast From the Past
Author: J.E. Fishman
Publishing details: © 2014 by Verbitrage, LLC, Series 5.

Overall: A terrific story! Equivalent to five stars on Amazon.
Synopsis: Kieran Lehane is a NYC Bomb Squad detective with a canine (K-9) partner, a Labrador Retriever named Georgia. Ten years previously, Triangle Airlines Flight 699 was blasted out of the sky by a terrorist bomb, killing the 227 people on board. Now, just days before the ten-year anniversary, Lehane is certain the terrorists will strike again. Lehane is using personal time and resources to conduct what he considers a proper investigation. Trouble is, more than one very powerful person doesn’t want him to find out what really happened…
Story: Terrific! Engaging characters, intriguing story line, unpredictable plot twists, and a nice line in cop banter.
Writing Style: Smooth and polished.
Physical Presentation: I have been told more than once I am too picky when it comes to grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, formatting, editing, and revising. I found nothing in this ebook to pull me out of the story, which I consider the only important criterion when it comes to errors. Everything except the cover (the figure of the man was too old and jaded-looking to be a credible portrayal of the hero), pulled me into the story experience.
My Kind of Read: Right up my alley. Well-balanced, nicely-paced storytelling, great writing, and characters I want to know more about. I highly recommend this book, and impatiently await the next in the series.

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