Writing and Language

Dear Readers,

I have been working on the manuscript for Book III – Blood Bonds: The Cavern, trying to solve some logistical problems that came up. I have been also reading about one ebook a day since I downloaded a Kindle app onto my phone, mostly works by independent authors.

I have built a head of steam on this topic that cannot take any more pressure. These are good stories ruined by imprecise writing and editing. I didn’t make it past page three (3) before I had to call it quits on one story. A major shame, because I knew the writer had worked really hard on that book.

As a writer, I look upon words, grammar, and punctuation as my stock-in-trade. If I don’t know exactly what a word means, even one I think I know absolutely, I look it up. If I’m unsure of grammar or punctuation and don’t know where to go for the correct form(s), I write around the idea. “Assume nothing” has become my best friend. 

Grammar is more than just some dry something that had to be suffered through in high school. It is how words are put together to make sense for the most folks who know the language. Grammar contains the building blocks of a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph, a story.

Writing is words, grammar, and punctuation. Period. No, exclamation point! So, in order to write, I consider those three (3) things to be my most basic tools. I always have. I always will.

Warmest regards,

Rosanne Licata


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