The Foundation Tool for Writing (In My Opinion!)

Dear Folks,

Yes. Language in writing is critical. It’s the tool for getting your meaning across.

I’m going to go out on a limb, here. There is no reason under the shining sun for bad grammar, bad spelling, or bad punctuation. When I say bad, I mean boo-boos that take your reader out of the story or change the intended meaning of your writing. An inadvertent error is one thing, not bothering to proofread, run spell check, or re-read for correct vs valid words is quite another thing.

If you have dyslexia, ADHD, or any of a host of reading/learning disabilities, kudos that you’re writing! Being one of  the special ones (I have ADD), I have at least four other folks read my stuff, proof it, and bring howlers and boo-boos to my attention – usually with lots of laughter. These saints help me put my writing into some kind of conventional format.

I was incredibly surprised and gratified at the enthusiastic help I was able to tap into when I asked. The absolute worst that can happen is that those you ask will say ‘no.’ Bet they don’t, though!

‘Nuff said! Back to creative writing! You, too! Write!

Warmest regards,




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2 responses to “The Foundation Tool for Writing (In My Opinion!)

  1. September 2012 is the planned release of Book II, Blood Bonds: The Castle.


  2. gehennawitch

    I agree. Some things, such as a comma in the wrong place, can completely alter the meaning of the sentence. Disastrous for a writer! Good for you, having your ADD to contend with & writing such an enjoyable book! I cannot wait for Book 2! Do you have any idea when it will come out, please?


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