Dear Folks,Hi! …

Dear Folks,

Hi! I have been agonizing about how to organize what to say, because I have so much running through my head, but I figure we’ll start with an exceedingly bare-bones autobiography:

I am born (Sorry. My apologies to Charles Dickens; I couldn’t resist!).

Realized I wanted to write at eight years old.

Realized I needed to write at fifty-five years old. I’m slow on the uptake that way.

I am a native of Buffalo, New York. I have lived (in chronological order) in Rochester, NY, Summit, NJ, Oklahoma City, OK, and am now in Albuquerque, NM. Next stop? Who knows?

I have worked at a bunch of things: Cook’s Helper, Immigration Officer, Methods Analyst, Systems Analyst, Micrographics Sale Rep, Micrographics Systems Designer, Human Relations consultant, Personal Trainer, Gym Manager, Psychotherapist. Everything led up to what I do now: Novelist.

I have one child – grown, genius, gorgeous inside and out, great person. I know, I’m biased, but I’m MOM!

Enough about me. Next time I’ll start in on describing my creative process. If I can write a novel, so can you, if you want to. Getting started is the trick. We’ll talk soon!

Warmest regards,





July 30, 2012 · 6:26 pm

9 responses to “Dear Folks,Hi! …

  1. Rosanne, I so enjoyed this first book – am I right that there will be a series based on these characters? How many books will there be? I’m so looking forward to travelling further with Bjornolf & Raj, – & family?


    • Rosalyn, thanks for letting me know how you like reading about these characters. I like writing about them, too. So far, I have planned out at least twelve books. Nine of them are already blocked out, with a good chunk of Books IV and V on paper as we speak. According to the characters, Raj and Bjornolf continue to have adventures, the warrior band does re-unite, and a family does make its appearance. In fact, at present, Books X through XII seem to want to bring the next generation onto center stage. We’ll see!


  2. Who are your most inspiring Authors and how do they affect your writing?


    • Janice, you ask the best questions! A number of different authors inspire me, for different reasons: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because his character, Sherlock Holmes, is so distinctive and memorable; Mark Twain, because he tells SUCH a good story; Dick Francis, because his writing style is so straightforward; J.K. Rowling, because she created a world and new words we all know now (‘muggles’ comes to mind) and use in everyday conversation; and Charlaine Harris, because she created an entire series, and a highly successful one, from what many of us would see as an extremely mundane setting. There are more who deserve mention, but I’ll talk about them later.


  3. Rosanne you said you come from Buffalo, NY. What poignant memories do have of there?


    • My favorite memories are growing up in a large family, living around the corner from a library, being snowed in with good books, and getting a first-class education, both from the schools I attended and from the parents I had.


  4. Welcome to the world! Best of luck…


  5. Gehennawitch

    Wow! You seem to have done so much with your life! So great an experience to give depth to your writing – it’s bound to show!


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